Lame AIM: Volume Five

By Justin Rybinski

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As loyal readers know, I like to start these updates from an old friend, NetHoney2002. Well, she’s not really a friend; more like someone I met once or twice and had to look at several times. Either way, it all adds up to the disaster area that is NetHoney. I had a HILARIOUS profile screenshot all lined up, but in the time since Lame AIM IV, I’ve moved my website files onto three different computers and I fear the screenshot is forever lost. Not to worry, as I decided to press on and create what I thought it may have said. This took all of my art ability and several hours to create. Enjoy!

I know it looks tempting, but clicking on the “Close” button on this profile of “AdidasGurl21669” or any other image will not accomplish anything. I’ve tried.

Oh, "Chunsa Aegi," you'll bury us all with your witty and insightful RPG humor!

"Don't you mean 'shining?'"
"Shhhh... Do you want to get us sued?"

I don't think you need to tell us that, "EmmyM902."

All right, all right, I admit it. Get off my back, EmmyM.

Okay, "escapewme2001," put down the Intro to Philosophy textbook and the Michael Bolton lyric sheets and write something that makes even the slightest bit of sense. Please? If my girlfriend ever wrote something like that about me, all of her stuff would be on the porch and the locks would be changed.

Sticks and stones will break my faccce, but words will never hurt me. Unless they're words by a popular rap artist. Uh oh! I'd hate to be james s right about now.

You know, I can't imagine a single reason why an intelligent, refined gentleman like "I Ride a DS650" is lonely.

"KeWlcHoCoWhIp" doesn't need "collage." She's plenty smart enough to take on a long career as one of central West Virginia's finest strippers.

HARDCORE!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! If you can read what "pRoDrUmMeR2004" wrote in blue in his away message, I'll give you a dollar.

When will people learn that tYpInG lIkE tHiS is lame and hard to read? I'm sure that somewhere on the internet, there's a fetish site for girls with no teeth. And what the fuck kind of name is Neseelll?

Why would I have a problem with you boxing, "audri8301"?

Thank you for properly labeling your away message, "Chef Shiloh." To answer your question: 3.

Nothing mixes better than Bible quotes and Harry Potter dialogue. I always thought that serious Christians hated HP for the witchcraft and all, but I guess I'm wrong. And way to spell Ecclesiastes properly but not a common word like enemies, asshole.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, cracka!


Are there actually people on earth who find these "funny" quotes funny? I mean, what kind of peyote do you need to be on to laugh with this? Not laugh "at," laugh with. I am currently laughing my ass off at these profiles, but I don't think that was "CareBear10783"'s intention.

"When Married Fat-Asses Dream," story at 11.

That jackass! Let's get him!!! There's only one master of Taijustsu and his name is "LordOstipalayasdncdsposdthesesis" or something.

Oh. My. (I also love the two misspellings of "now".... I know it's a difficult word and all, but still...)

And now for the stupidest thing I have heard in 2004 so far...

Awwwww.... Aren't drunks cute?

FUCK FUCK fuck this shit BYE!!! BLAH!!


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