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Every question I've ever gotten regarding ebay items

Here it is, by popular demand: every question ebay users have sent me regarding my items for sale. I have posted EVERY SINGLE QUESTION (beginning on May 1, 2004), no matter how valid the question is, along with my official response. In other words, that means that some answers are serious, some are not. You'll notice some of these questions refer to transactions already in progress. This is because I am including all emails sent through the ebay mailing service, NOT personal emails. However, I am not including emails used in my ebay morons section. Check back often, because I will be updating this frequently. They will be in order of the way they appeared in my inbox, the oldest on top, newer ones at the bottom. Enjoy, or something!

Q: "Does this jersey say anything in the back?" silverheart817
A: No.

Q: "I'd like to know when will it arrive at Hongkong?" chcg82
A: I don't know, maybe a week? If the actual post office refuses to predict shipping times, why do you think I would?

Q: "hi, how much is shipping to canada? thanks ~Bianca~" bunk84
A: $5.

Q: ""The bottom two buttons are lightly scratched and the one sleeve cuff could use a good wash." Are you sure this will wash out and is not a stain? Shipping calculator says less than $6 to 08753. Is this accurate or will you be tacking on extra charges AFTER we bid? Thanks" highandoutside
A: No, I am not sure if it is a stain or not. I am just stating that the blemish exists and that the shirt could use a good wash. The shipping calculator price is what you will be charged, nothing hidden.

Q: "Hi,can you tell me when you sent jerseu out and the tracking number please,thank you." poolstroke72
A: Friday. What tracking number? Did you pay for Delivery Confirmation?

Q: "what size is this shirt" valleyboy62
A: Read the description.

Q: "What is the distance armpit to armpit? Would I be able to shrink it? what is the material?" carlalley1234
A: 10.25", I have no idea, and 95% polyester/5% cotton.

Q: "Hi, wondered if you would ship to the UK and how much it would be? I have ratings of over 500 and regulary bid on items from the states so I would obviously not mess you about and payment would be with you within few days. Many thanks! Steve" steve123uk
A: Hi, Airmail Shipping will be $9 if you win.

Q: "hi i am Andy i own the jose cruz jersey......i got it with fast shipping but that wasn`t the jersey i was ecpecting....that jersey is not a houston astros throwback jersey .....i could of bought thtat shirt at any local store i will like to do something about that men.....reply back i odn`t think that`s the shirt i bidded on" spiceman23
A: That's exactly the jersey you bid on. Three full-size pictures were available and the jersey was described accurately in the item description.

Q: "i just put in 18.87 as my max bid, checked it befoore i sent it and it was ok. now it says a lot more. what do i do ?" sugarbunie610
A: You must have entered something in wrong, without properly double checking. I can cancel your bid outright, but that would mean the jersey price would drop down to $5 with 25 minutes to go, which is unfair to myself. I shouldn't have to pay for someone else's mistake. If you can find some other solution, let me know.

Q: "You cant drop it to the 18.87 i was trying to orginally bid?" sugarbunie610
A: If I cancel your bid, it eliminates all traces of you bidding on the item and reduces the price to the lowest bid of the next highest bidder, which in this case is roughly $5. If you had this problem a few days ago, I would have gladly canceled your bid, but with minutes to go, it's simply not fair to me to only get $5 for a jersey that's easily worth $20. The most I can do is charge you $25 (the other bidder's high bid) instead of the $26 it's at now, assuming no one else bids in the closing minutes. This is why you MUST double check everything before entering into a legally binding contract.

Q: "Hi, can you tell me the amount of postal charges for shipping the games to France via Airmail? Thanks a lot BouCH" bouch001
A: Check your email. I sent you all the pertinent information a few minutes after the last game auction ended.

Q: "So, is the shipping free or not? Because the title says free shipping, yet your description says other wise. What's the deal?" scream4444
A: Read the description.

Q: "Hi can you tell me when you sent this jersey out so I can be here when it arrives.Thank you."
A: It was shipped. I don't remember the day. But it was shipped.

Q: "hey i was trying o bid on other stuff but am a zero feedback can you live me a positive feedback" spiceman23
A: I leave positive feedback soon after positive feedback is left for me. Almost all sellers wait for the bidder to leave feedback first.

Q: "Hi how much would postage be to the UK Regards Glyn" d-o-n-a-l-d
A: Airmail shipping to the UK will be $9.

Q: "hello, is the NES Nintendo softaware u speak of the very 1st one that came out? Sorry for my ignorance. Also, do you have RBM baseball game for Nintendo? Thanks for your time?" pary77
A: *angry, sarcastic response not delivered because user had invalid email address*

Q: "Shirt arrived and my son is happy with it. I do have a concern about your shipping charge. Most sellers either state charges up front, or figure exact charges after closing. Your description sounds as though you will figure exact charges, but you charged us $9.00 when shipping was only $3.00. Did something get overlooked? Thanks DHK" 80chevyluv
A: I did not charge $9 for shipping and shipping did not actually cost $3. All shipping fees were expressed in the shipping calculator for the duration of the auction, and if you did not/could not accept the fees, you should not have bid.

Q: "Please kindly leave me a positive feedback, I've recevice the jersey already and will leave feedback soon." chcg82
A: "I always wait for the buyer to leave feedback first. Once this happens, I will leave a feedback for you within 24 hours.

Q: "Do you accept Money Orders?!?" numba1dealer
A: Read the description.

Q: "Has this been mailed yet? Not received." sewnutty1
A: Yes, and it should arrive any day now. It was mailed a few days ago (I don't recall the exact date).

A: Yah, I can definitely do that. If you win the auction and want just the actual console, shipping will only be $6.

Q: "When can I expect this item to be delivered?" dglista
A: Your shirt has been mailed and should arrive shortly.

Q: "Sir , I can't see the photo on the ebay , but I'm interested by the description.Can you give me some pics about this jersey? Thanks Peace" xueping_wu
A: The pics are right there and working. If you still can't see them for whatever reason, go here: LINK LINK

Q: " Hi sir, those two web site I still can't see. Could you please send some pics to my email? Thanks Peace" xueping_wu
A: Either your computer is broken or you have no clue how to use it. All the pics are working. Regardless, here are the pics AGAIN. If these don't work, I don't know what to tell you. *pics attached*

Q: "I just curious did you get my payment & when will my shirt be shipped?" skynyrdrebel7584
A: Payment was received and your shirt has already been shipped.

Q: "How will I be able to get my money back if the system doesn't work?" titansfansports
A: There are no refunds and the system does work.

Q: "Hi Sorry it took a couple of days to respond to email, but I haven't been online for a couple of days.I sent a money order out on 4/26 for the amount of $10.00, I forgot to take the amount with me when I went to the store, so just rounded up, and I included the printed ebay invoice with it. Please let me know if you have received it since emailing me.Thank-you" relephant38
A: (5/16) I still haven't received payment. Are you sure you mailed it and to the right address?

Q: "Hi sorry to bother you again but I'm the one who won your tool shirt and payed you with pay pal. I was just curious if you could be so kind to leave me a feedback since I'm brand new to Ebay and dont have any feedback yet. Thanks." maynardjameskeenantool
A: Buyer always leaves feedback first. Once buyer receives item and leaves feedback, the seller responds with feedback and the transaction is complete. If you want to pre-emptively give me a positive, I will leave one for you tonight.

Q: "Does this jersey have stiched lettering or is it screen printed. Thank You. -Paul" p_smitty
A: The jersey has screen-printed logos/name and stitched-on Reebok, NBA, and Size tags.

Q: " What are the shirt's measurements? Armpit-to-Armpit, and neck to bottom. Any info would help. Thanks man." bjroth23
A: New information has been added to the item description.

A: The jersey has screen-printed logos/name and stitched-on Reebok, NBA, and Size tags.

Q: "hello, how much is shipping in italy?" djmaxpower2002
A: Airmail shipping to Italy will be $32.

Q: "Is this a sewn on or stitched number/name jersey? Ron" rlkrz
A: Neither.

Q: "how many is the shipping for France ?" koston35
A: Airmail shipping to France will be $11.

A: I do have a Jordan in size large, but the auction ends in less than an hour. Were you planning on bidding or what?

Q: "are the numbers screened on." hunnyballs
A: Yep.

Q: "Are the name and #'s sewn on this jersey?" roknes
A: No.

Q: "hi, you said the shipping and handling was $10 in other parts of the world, but it differs depending on where yu much would it be for NY? the auction ends in a couple hours, so i hope i can get a reply before then! thanks! kimera" evap345
A: Use the shipping calculator.

Q: "are the letter stitch on" badaszhonda1
A: Nope.

Q: "coiuld you please give me an idea of postage back to the uk. many thanks. jane." janehomer
A: $12.

Q: "The item number is 8104812631. Please email me when you send the package." titansfansports
A: Okay.

Q: "i recently just won the medium orioles jersey and was wondering what teh status is on the item. I m planning on going to the o's game next week and would like to wear it could you please just let me know whats going on...thanks so much Laura (" pogie913
A: I sent you an email minutes after the auction ended with all information. According to AOL's email status check, you haven't even read this email I sent three days ago.

Q: "is the text on the jersey sewn or printed?" lawloop
A: Screen printed.

Q: "i am writing in regards to the hoobastank shirt i have won. I have already made a payment, and would like to know if you have received it yet." evap345
A: Yep, I have.

A: If you didn't believe me when I said it was authentic in the item description, why would you believe the email? I don't care how much it goes for elsewhere. The tag itself says authentic, which of course is shown in the pic. If you don't think my items are really authentic, why do you want to see more of them? Moron.

Q: "Hey, I received the shaq jersey and the rage shirt & my son & I are very happy with them both! Please leave me some feedback when you get a chance & I will respond with positive feedback! Enjoy your weekend & thanks for the great auction...Jonathan" dunwell52
A: I always wait for the bidder to leave feedback first. Once feedback is left, I respond within 24 hours.

Q: "Hi, i was wondering what was on the back of the shirt. Please email me back at" nicksamjoey
A: Nothing is on the back. I do not send email to non-ebay-email addresses because of possible account fraud.

Q: "regarding the "wear" on the shirt; what kind of wear? if it was never worn, are we talking about hanger marks, dust from hanging, or what? am interested, thanks, Dapper" dapper8247741
A: Yah, pretty much what you said.

Q: "I am interested in your jersey, but at first two questions: How long (cm or inch) is the jersey in total (shoulder til under end)? How much would be the shipping to Germany? Thank you, daggi.blau" daggi.blau
A: Your first question doesn't make sense and the second one is already answered in the item description.

Q: "Is the lettering sewn on or screen printed?" trackstar9701
A: Screen printed.

Q: "will you accept a buy it now for this jersey? 60 dollars" vonekr
A: Does that include shipping?

Q: "Have you recieved my payment yet for the TOP LOADING Loader Nintendo NES system dogbone item # 8104812631. I am worried that you have not recieved it so please email me at and tell me if you have." titansfansports
A: Payment arrived today. Why were you worried that I hadn't received it? Only four days had passed since the auction ended.

Q: "Are the letters and numbers sewn on or printed?" wahinevol
A: Printed.

Q: "What is on the back of the jersey?" calkinslp
A: Nothing.

Q: "Hi sorry you bother you I'm just doing some sorting out on my recent auctions, and i was just curious if you sent out the t-shirt already and when? thanks!" maynardjameskeenantool
A: Yes, and I don't know.

Q: "What about shipping cost for Italy?" trax71auto
A: What about it?

A: No. Why would there be?

Q: "Hi, what do you mean there is nothing in the front? does it have los angeles and the number# 8 in the front?" koser187
A: "There is nothing on the front" means there is nothing on the front. I wasn't kidding. If it has nothing on the front, why would it have LA and #8 on it?

Q: "Are the numbers painted with paint or sewed on, on the Kobe throwback Jersey." serpasj84
A: Um, neither. Are you sure jerseys are painted?

Q: "hi, Is this an actual jersey becasue i have got jerseys on ebay in the pastthat look really but are really T-Shirts. please email me back" nicksamjoey
A: That look really what? Come on, don't leave me hangin'. What the hell is an "actual" jersey, anyway?

Q: "Please can you tell me shipping costs to SPAIN? Thanks" minisback
A: Read the description.

Q: "Does the Jersey have the number 9 on the back of it" mexban
A: No, why would it?

Q: "I think I already emailed this question to you, but would you mind sending this shirt to my L.A. address. I already won the auction, but I'm leaving for L.A. on Friday and will be out there for 10 weeks." bignooner
A: Sure, I can mail stuff wherever you'd like, as long as you pay.

Q: "Hi, are the icon and name stitched on or printed on?" ranlou9999
A: Screen printed.

Q: "Hi there! VERY interested in this item. Wondering if you could give me a measurement on the jersey, saw from armpit to armpit. I normally take XL (likewise in football jerseys)... but I am wondering if this would fit me if made larger. Appreciate it if you could let me know. Thanks!.......LARRY" ljpater
A: It measures appx 25" from armpit to armpit.

Q: "do you carry those in L or XL" babyface_uno8
A: The item you asked the question about IS a large.

Q: "Hi, I was looking at your auction for the Michael Jordan jersey, and was wondering what the measurements were from side to side, and in length, because I've ordered some jerseys before, and they've either been too small or too big. So, if you could please e-mail me back at: , that would be great!" hugabug4life
A: Side to side: appx. 18.5". Top to bottom: appx. 27"

Q: "Hi, I wasust wondering what the shpipping cost to Ottawa Ontario Canada, K1T 3S3 would be, and how the item will be shipped." lems234
A: Read the description.

Q: "Hi there you have some nice jerseys. Just a couple of questions: Do these jerseys have tags? And I am an International buyer-I'm from New Zealand. How much postage would you charge? One guy charges me $12 for one and $3 for every additional. Thanks." shazzawarrior
A: Some have tags. It'll say in the description if so. Shipping to N.Z. will be $11 for each jersey and $2 for each additional.

Q: "Hello, I'm just wondering how much shipping is to 14075. Thank You! -fashiongerber" fashiongerber
A: Read the description.

Q: "ok, is the name and letters stiched on? Front and back???????? thanks a bunch, todd" calebandblake
A: No. And my name isn't Todd.

Q: "Hi there... not sure if already sent you an email with this question... wondering if you could give me the measurements of the jersey. Am VERY interested, just want to make sure it will fit. I normally take XL... but wondering if this is a big make b/c it is a hockey jersey. Thanks! Look forward to hearing back from you." ljpater
A: I already sent you a response. Please check your email before re-sending a question.

Q: "Can you tell me the shipping cost for europe (belgium) please? & is there a possibility to send by the cheaper standard mail? (instead of the expensive air mail) Thanks,Steven" gargamelhaat
A: $10 and no. If Airmail shipping is too expensive, don't bid on my items.

Q: "hi, can i pick up and pay cash, i live in williamsville, plmk where you're at, thank you! Eric" ewl31sehorn
A: You may pick the item up (I'm in Kenmore), but there is a $1 handling fee. If you pre-pay with Paypal, the fee is $1.50. Also be aware that you will not be able to pick the item up before 6:30pm as I am never home then.

Q: "is this a CCM jersey? not sure ive ever seen one like this. thanks" chelle416
A: No.

Q: "How much for USPS AIrmail Letterpost Shipping on this item to Canada? How about combined shipping? -Dan" domingocooler
A: Shipping costs are listed in the shipping details section of the item description. Yes, I do combine shipping, so you can save a lot buy purchasing several games. Actual price depends on the total number of games you buy and exactly where in Canada it's going.

Q: "Hi! I'm very interested in several of your nintendo auctions. But I have one question before I start to bid. I live in Sweden. And I wonder if I win 10 games or more, will shipping be completely free?!?! Best Regards, Christian Söderlind SWEDEN?" kraaaater
A: Yep, but I get to choose how it gets shipped. If you wish to upgrade to Airmail shipping for $3.50, you may do so.

Q: "I won this auction and paid you within seconds of winning the auction. So far, I have neither received the item nor have I received any kind of email from you regarding the shipping information. Please provide an update on the shipping status. Thanks" integratedpcs
A: You won the item less than a week ago. Please wait at least two weeks before inquiring about shipping.

Q: "my email works, and is this jersey an authentic one, i mean are the #s and name stiched on the shirt. thnx tarek" mufc103
A: It is Authentic and the letters/numbers are not stitched on.

Q: "Are the letters/numbers sewn on?" merematt
A: No.

Q: "Good afternoon, when you say 2 games shipping is 5.85$ is that for both, or 5.85 each? thanks" pender555
A: Combined.

Q: "My email address is" starrxkitten
A: Indeed it is.

Q: "How much would the shipping be if I win more then one of your auctions?" cvchango
A: It depends what else you win. If, say, you win two jerseys, there will be no shipping increase. If you win three jerseys, shipping will be raised appx $1.50. Regardless, it won't be much more, if anything, per item.

Q: "Man! I would have loved to have this video! Do you have another one, or do you know where I might find this? 4192047928 Young ONes. Thanks! Carol" theteehees
A: Sorry, but that was the only one I had. It's a rare video which is now out of print, so it could be tough to find another one.

Q: "Hi Can you please tell me the shippingrate to the Netherlands(Europe) Thanks Arthur" akadudu1
A: $11

Q: "please send me the shipping rates for the cayman islands. I do have a shipping acct thorugh my company is it possible to overnight the order if I provide you with the fed ex acct #. thanks anuthag" anuthag
A: Regular Airmail shipping will be $11. I've never used FedEx with a business account, but if you're willing to give me the appropriate information, I'll do my best.

Q: "Hi, Are the name and number screen printed or stitched on? Thanks!" veggiegirl2
A: Printed.

Q: "Hey can I have the link of your 40 NES games I want to see it" tonyny13
A: Click on "Seller's Other Auctions" on the item page.

Q: "i've already sent the payment for 22.12. email me when you get the message and payment." steelmav
A: Payment arrived today and I will ship tomorrow.

Q: "Hi there. I am looking at your ebay item for auction. Before i bid, i was wondering that if this jersey is official. I want to see if the numbers and letters are sewed on or is it just painted. Please reply as soon as possible at ThankS =)" brightnetjewelry
A: It is "official" and the letters/numbers are screen printed on.

Q: "if i get 6 NES games from you and i live in canada, will i get the free shipping?" cin1256
A: What does the description say?

Q: "hi can you tell me the length of the jersey and the chest length thanks" star1014
A: Chest length? What?

Q: "Sorry to bother you so soon. I noticed you had a few nes auctions close tonight :) I've won 10 nes games from you tonight. You're auction states that I get free shipping(since I'm located in Canada)?" duffman
A: Indeed you did.

Q: "Are all letters and numbers sewn on and is the picture just of another size? Thank You Da Don" bdadon
A: In order, no and yes.

Q: "how much to ship to england?" admottershead
A: Read the description.

Q: "is the lettering sewn on" capoecn
A: No.

Q: "I would like to know how much it will be for shipping to Sudbury Ontario, Canada. Postal Code P3E 5V2, once I get this I will pay you via paypal for this item. Thanks." deadbeat14
A: I already sent you an email with all the pertinent info.

Q: "I still have not received the shirt..whats up" rpiniewski
A: It has been shipped and should arrive any day now.

Q: "I have just bid on the ivan rodriguez jersey. I had trouble one time contacting a seller through ebay email and so I wanted you to know my email is if there is any problem with ebay email." 69b8
A: Ok.

Q: "is this screenprinted or stitched?" mdm1981
A: Printed.

Q: "Do you have this in an Xl for auction?" famished
A: Check out my other auctions and find out for yourself.

Q: "Your title says this is a medium and your description says it's a large - which size is this shirt? And also, it says there are worn areas. Where are the worn areas and are they noticeable? Thanks for your time. Anita : )" bargainsbysusie
A: The shirt is a medium. There was an error in the description. It DOES NOT say there are worn areas; it says there *may* be very light wear from being in a closet for several years. This is what every polo shirt auction of mine says. If any wear is noticeable, it will be mentioned in the item description, like it says.

Q: "Hi If I win this I will be out of the country from June15-June 24 so is it OK if I pay for it on June 24 if I win this item. I will pay with Paypal Mary" oxford43
A: That's fine. Thanks for the heads up.

Q: "Does it work? Any cosmetic damage on the console itself?" johnbennitt
A: Read the description.

Q: "Hi Justin, I tried to send the money via paypal and had no luck. I've been waiting for them to get back to me for days and have just given up. I'll send a money order off first thing today. I am disappointed..i wanted to get the money to you today so that i could get the jersey asap. my email is thanks" seans_angel
A: What was the problem you had with Paypal? No one has ever had a problem paying me before. I have over 600 successful payments received. Let me know.

Q: "Why did this item have "giles" in the title? Does it have this name on the back?" padre15
A: Why do you think, and no.

Q: "Does this jersey have "Giles" printed on the back? Thanks" padre15
A: No. Didn't I already answer this question?

Q: "may i have a picture of the back of the jersey. if not a picture can you describe it to me please" f2potvin9
A: The jersey is already described in the item description.

Q: "Just wanted to check and see if t-shirt has been shipped yet? Thanks" 1-dragon
A: Yes it has.

Q: "how much to ship to canada?" tmgowan
A: Read the description.

Q: "Just a quick question, as it does not say in the write up, is this shirt from a non-smoking home? Thanks." shortstopnyc
A: All of my items are from non-smoking locations.

Q: "do you have measurements?" j_coleman1900
A: Yes.

Q: "Hello, I was just wondering was this item sent out already, I'm probably being a little too impatient but I won the item on June 9th and it's been almost 2 weeks and it has not arrived yet. I was just curious and infor would help, thanks." armbest13
A: Your jersey has been shipped and should arrive any day now.

Q: "are the letters / numbers stitched on?" hb_juntao
A: No.

Q: "is the color of this game cartridge blue or black? Thanks"
A: Blue.

Q: "Can you tell me when/how this shirt was shipped? We won it and paid for it on June 22. Thank you very much." vallerina5
A: Your item has been shipped and should arrive soon.

Q: "hAVE not received shirt as of yet considering it is priority mail. any idea what is going on?" mario718
A: I shipped your shirt a day after payment cleared. After I take the package to the post office, it is out of my hands.

Q: "Have not received shirt as of June 30 any idea what is going on?////////////////" mario718
A: Yes I do.

Q: "I noticed "My EBay" that it does not show that the Ivan Rodriguez Authentic Jersey XL that I purhased from you several weeks ago has been paid for. I would appreciate it if you would let Ebay know the Jersey has been paid for. Thanks, Crawford" 69b8
A: That's not how things work. The only way I can notify ebay of your payment is if I had left you a Non-Paying Bidder report and then followed up to get my Final Value Fees refunded to me. I don't regularly purchase items on ebay, nor do I use My Ebay, so I don't know what to tell you. All I know is that the My Ebay page is for your records only, and doesn't get held against you for anything.

Q: "What would the shipping be to Sweden (Airmail/surface/economy surface) Postalcode: 79146 Thanx /Jonas C" viking_valkyria
A: The system is fairly heavy, so Airmail shipping/handling would be $40. I do not ship using any service inferior to Airmail.

Q: "Hello. Are you saying this jersey is an authentic jersey, as in sewn numbers and lettering?" stephencrawford
A: No, I am saying it's authentic because that's what it says on the tag.

Q: "Hello friend, I was just sending you another email to ask what was the date that you sent the item out, I have a funny feeling that my item may have be misplaced or something, I plan on going to my post office today to see if they have anything. Sorry to be a nuisance so to speak, but I was really looking forward to recieving this item, thanks." armbest13
A: Your item was shipped via Delivery Confirmation last week. I do not know the exact date.

Q: "dood I would like to know if u have anymore jeter jerseys u could sell ( maybe even not on ebay ) LoL like My kid really wants one and this bidden drives me insane .... I cant keep up .. I am leading @ the moment but man its a pain .. email ty Arnold Brown of North St Michigan" staticware
A: Is this a joke?

Q: "Hi Payment now made by Paypal Please send as soon as possible Many thanks and best regards Conor" *cycleman*
A: Payment has been received and your jersey will go out tomorrow.

Q: "Hi.I received my shirt two days ago,thank you very much.Will we be exchanging feedback?" pekingesejedi
A: Sure, as long as you leave it first as per my policy.

Q: "Is this shirt made of polyester? Thanks! Karen" i-just-call-her-monk
A: 100% cotton.

Q: "I'm sorry I cant do that.I've been burned tooooo many times with members who dont post for me.I'm sorry.Looks like neither of us gets feedback this time." pekingesejedi
A: That's fine. I really don't need the feedback. I don't know how I can "burn" you, but that's your decision.

Q: "Would you ship media rate rather than priority, it would cut the price of shipping by about 30-40%. Thanks.." beachseller20
A: No I would not.

Q: "Hi there. I like this shirt alot, and have a ? for you about this...I pulled up what it would cost in the shipping calculator for this shirt, and it says 6.92 priorty mail, however, I ship shirts all over the U.S. and ship them first class, and they make it there in about 2-3 days anyways, and it costs about 3 to ship to anywhere, if I win, would you be willing to do this? Lemme know, thanks!:)" believeinhappiness
A: Thankfully, I am not a subsidiary of Believeinhappiness Enterprises and I can create my own business plan, no matter what you or other wacko sellers think. Don't like it? Don't bid.

Q: "What color is this shirt? Thanks, Glenn" gre1
A: Blue.

Q: "What color is the shirt?" krisbirish
A: Blue.

Q: "what color is this shirt?" jstegs
A: Jesus, are you people blind? Blue.

Q: "Can this play Japan Famicom cartridges? Thanks" alexoi
A: Do your own research.

A: I will upload a pic showing a list of every game soon.

Q: "How much to end the auction right away?" smindsinc
A: Make an offer and I will consider it.

Q: "Would you sell this for $27 + shipping? Thank you" brkkm
A: Hahahahahaha! No. (note: this item sold for $102.50)

Q: "Is this item new or used?" anime4m3
A: Read the item description.

Q: "hi i' m italian whata are the shipping travels???thanks" jasonvito78
A: I assume that since you're Italian, you want it shipped to Italy. If that's the case, shipping/handling will be $11.

Q: "hello, im interested in your kool aid intellivision game. i see that your from the western new york area. im from buffalo so if all possible, if i decide to bid on this item, may i pick it up to save on shipping cost..please get back to me as soon as possible" chaplin727
A: I no longer offer local pickup, as per ebay's new policy.

Q: "Im still new to ebay, so Im not sure why my PayPal check hasnt cleared yet. I paid on Saturday July 17." crownedone01
A: It can take up to 10 business days for an eCheck to clear through Paypal.

Q: "How much do you charge for shipping to Texas?" queenpoopy
A: Use the shipping calculator.

Q: "I saw you auction off a few of these already. If I don't want to wait for the auction to end, do you have another one that I could buy now?" md_joel
A: Make an offer and I will consider it.

Q: "why dont you have a picture of the double dare game you are trying to sell - i would want to see it before buying it" redlavausf
A: Pictures aren't necessary for cartridge only NES auctions. Everyone knows what a NES cartridge looks like, and if there is anything different about it, it will be explained in the item description. If I were to photograph every game I sell on ebay, edit it, upload it, and type in the code, I would have to double the starting price to make it worth my time.

Q: "is this game have a black cartrage or grey?" untouchable_makaveli
A: Black

Q: "do you want to sell your toploading NES system? and if so how much?" untouchable_makaveli
A: Why would I want to sell my personal system? Can I buy your car?

Q: "Hi, Do you have this in Large or Medium? If so, how much are you looking for on it? Thanks!" chek12
A: Nope.

Q: "What would shipping charge be to 44203 zip code? Thanks, Heitic" heitic
A: Use the shipping calculator.

Q: "how long will it take for it to ship to me" scrap1979
A: Um, maybe you should worry about bidding on and winning the auction first.

Q: "Sorry. Could you drop my Bid for this item. I already won an NES. I apologize for the inconvenience." j_chuklz
A: Do it yourself.

Q: "Hi, does the batt. work? Does it keep its memory?" puensi666
A: The game turns on. That's all the testing I did.

Q: "How many of these jersey's do you have?"
A: One.

Q: "Hi.Just letting you know that I'm still waiting for feedback on our successful transaction." pekingesejedi
A: That's nice. I already told you I don't leave feedback until the buyer has left it for me.

Q: "I am not familiar with the nintendo items, can this also be played with the super nintendo system? thanks" jguirastante
A: No.

Q: "This shirt is a large or extra-large? Thanks, JP" 7002magazine
A: Large. There was an error in the title.

Q: "Hey - are you going to be selling anymore nintendo games? I was really hoping for the free shipping. Unfortunatly, i wasn't here at the end of the auction so i couldnt up my bids. it's not a problem if you're not, i still want the game. Thanks!" nika6542
A: Sorry, the free shipping deal only works in 40 game increments. I usually do the free shipping deal once or twice a month. It's almost impossible to earn the free shipping if you're not actually there on Sunday night watching the auctions.

Q: "my name is Meredith and i just bid and purchaced your NES Zelda game. I've decided I don't want it, hahaha, just kidding! :-) I was just wondering what method of payment you'd prefer. Thank you!" tastypineapple04
A: Check your email for an invoice I sent an hour ago.

Q: "what is sponsor's name? (not Williams') thanks in advance" wsgekko
A: That means Williams' name is not on the jersey, but a sponsor's name is. I didn't think it was that hard to understand.

Q: "can i have the tracking number please? thank you very much." ezequielbarba
A: What tracking number? You declined the Delivery Confirmation service.

Q: "aNY MORE ny yANKEES POLO SHIRTS?" 94rangerscup
A: Yep.

Q: "Do you have any smaller sizes for this shirt? I was watching the Small...but when I got to my friends house with like 5 mins. left of the auction....I found out her computer was broken :-\ So do you have a medium...and where in Western NY are you? Just wondering because if it's possible, I'd like to meet up and get the item to save less hastle of going to the post office, etc. If not, that's fine, I'll pay the shipping cost. Thanks! ~*Stephanie*~" leeger23
A: I have many size Smalls for this jersey shirt, and the auction I have up now is my last XL. That's all I have of Clemens. Currently, I am in Kenmore and you may pick the item up, but there is a $1.00 auction handling fee. If you would like one of the size smalls, make me an offer (purchases made off ebay do not have the handling fee) and I will consider it. If that doesn't work out, I will be listing another small next Monday or Tuesday.

Q: "Hi, Is there any buy it price that you would be willing to sell the game for ? please let me know ! P.S. please note that i am not asking for you to sell the game to me outside of ebay. thanks,Rick" pont1971
A: That's an odd question for someone not asking me to sell the game outside of ebay.

Q: "Hi, I'm from Germany and I'm interested on your Maniac Mansion PC Game. I would like to buy this game, but I'm on holiday for 1 week, is this a problem, because of the pay? Please mail back!!! Thanks!!!!!!!" spiker12345
A: That's fine, but why did you already bid and retract it?

Q: "hey whats up can you send me a picture of the system cause in the auction you got the booklet on top iw ould really appericate itt thank you" funkyfresh
A: No. The system has already been packed. Everything you need to see you can see in the pic.

Q: "thank you and money order will be sent out tommarrow" pogothemonkey134
A: Duly noted, along with your interesting spelling.

Q: "Do you have any other sizes of this shirt as well as this adult-medium:? Thanks!" blumskee
A: I also have XL.

Q: "Hi, how much do you need to ship this object to france?" stvimacouine
A: Like the description says, $11.

Q: "Could you possibly give me the measurements of this jacket? I already a jacket just like this one for someone, size L, but it was too small. Can you approximate what size person would be able to fit in this XL?? thanks!!" hurley116
A: Approximately 28" armpit to armpit and 31" top of collar to bottom of jacket.

Q: "Hey. I just bought the MLB Showdown 2000 Starter Box. Just wondering where I should send the money order to. Reply to Thanks!" wadedeadpool
A: All the information you need was sent to your registered ebay email address.

Q: "who's number is on the back" eees7244
A: No number. Why would there be one?

Q: "You say this is an Umpire's jersey?? From the umpires who actually worked the series? DR" drog48
A: Read the description.

Q: "You say this is an umpires jersey from the umpires who actually umpires the series? Please advise more. CR" drog48
A: All the information you need to know is in the item description.

Q: "Hi, I am interested in the Andy Pettitte shirt, and Im not sure if I am going to be able to get it, so I was wondering if you had anymore." 3forever8
A: I have several left in different sizes and will be auctioning them off in the next month or two.

Q: "Please leave me positive feedback, as I will do for you upon arrival of your item. It will be much appreciated. Thanks" chi-town_red
A: I leave feedback for all bidders once feedback has been left for me.

Q: "Is the team name, bagwell and his number twill or silkscreen ?" manchesterrebels
A: Like the description says, screen printed.

Q: "I live in Winnipeg Canada and I was wonering how much shpping would be and how long would it take to get here if i payed with paypal?" gpospish
A: Like the description says, $7.50 and the item will arrive within 2 weeks at the latest by Airmail after payment has cleared.

Q: "I have just left your feedback & expect you'll do the same. It was great doing business with you ." jim496comics
A: Yes I will and thanks.

A: You didn't pay for tracking, so why would I have a tracking number? I have a Confirmation number, but that is not a service that is tracked online.

Q: "What is the cost of shipping to Canada?" gpospish
A: I already answered this question.

Q: "can i have your address so i can send money order ? thanks !" tatted1979
A: Check your email. All information was sent to your registered ebay email account.

Q: "My nephew is a huge Clemens/Yankee fan. You wouldn't happen to have one of these in a youth size? Thanks" trink33
A: The smallest size I have for this item is adult small.

Q: "Hi, I was just wondering when the nintendo was shipped. Thanks, Superdave" superdave1025
A: It was shipped within a few days of payment's arrival.

Q: "Hi, i was just wondering if you recieved my payment for the Giambi jersey... i think i paid for it under my other paypal account...swvacharmsnstuff.. Thanks, Nancy" scooby1976-half
A: Yes, I did and your item will be shipped tomorrow.

Q: "Good Morning. I received the ebay "second chance" offer and was quite surprised. I am not familiar with this option. I was also quite surprised to know that there was another Pettitte fan willing to get "caught up" in the desire to have one of these ! While I appreciate the offer, after some thought and looking, I can purchase similiar jerseys and such at a lower cost, though not the same. I would be willing to offer you a complete price of 100.00 including shiping and handling if you might be interested in the form of a MO ASAP. Thank you for the opprotunity and I appreciate your consideration. Robin Miller" nibor569
A: Hi, I accept your offer of $100 (including shipping). I ship within 48 hours upon receipt of payment. Thanks for responding to my Second Chance Offer. (note: user did not pay for this jersey, of course)

Q: "Do you by chance have anymore of those Minnesota Twins Ringer tee-shirts? Please let me know. Thanks." mikeschmidt23
A: Sorry, that was the last one.

Q: "I was just wondering if you are going to leave me feedback, and when I should be expecting this items arrival? Thanks Garry" gpospish
A: I leave feedback for buyers after feedback has been left for me. Your item should arrive within the week.

Q: "just a reminder if you forgot - it's been a day i haven't recieved shipping info via email yet. i know busy sellers can have a lot of stuff to deal with at the same time, so figured it might have just gotten overlooked. please mail me your shipping address so i can get payment sent out. thanks!" ds_sharc
A: Um, I sent you all shipping info minutes after the auction ended. Please check your inbox before sending email like this.

Q: "I won an bid on a jersey from you on Aug 2nd and have not recieved it yet...just wondering if it has been shipped. my ebay name is unccstudd. thanks." unccstudd2000
A: You haven't paid yet. Perhaps you should pay before asking where your item is.

Q: " this an oversized medium jersey..some mediums are large?..STEVE" yankeesteve
A: What? This is a size medium.

Q: "hey, i won your nes four score (item 8123184453) auction days ago, and i still haven't gotten your email with your shipping information. ordinarily i'd just go through checkout to the point where your address was displayed but you've diabled this function. i don't intend to get a non-paying bidder report simply because i have no way to find your shipping address, so please contact me as soon as possible. i don't like to keep sellers waiting and try to get my payments out within a day or two of auction close. sorry to contact you through another auction, but i thought the previous message might be ignored since it was for an item already ended." ds_sharc

Q: "Justin, I still haven't received the NES system I bought from you back in July. How did you ship it?? Renee today is August 16th" bythebeachcrjj
A: It was shipped Parcel Post.

Q: "The shirt arrived today. I am going to leave feedback for you, please do the same for me. Thanks! carolkam" carolkam
A: Okay, will do.

Q: "How much is the shipping fee to HONG KONG?" cherries28
A: $12.

Q: "Is there a list on the box or in the instructions that give a contents list to make sure that all of the original items are present and accounted for?" raider-75
A: Yes.

Q: "Hi, i'm trying to track down a strategy guide or an instruction booklet for Final Fantasy 3, please let me know if you have this item or know where i can find it." michael919boxer
A: No.

A: Did you think the description was lying?

Q: "Why is shipping more expensive in USA?? $11 dollars to ship in usa is pretty high don't you think? I would love to bid on this item, but the shipping is expensive." freeportgrown84
A: What are you talking about? Read the shipping details again.

Q: "This is a replica not "Authentic" Some poor fool is going to believe you and be bummed when they open it." worsttofirst61
A: I've sold dozens of these style of jerseys and everyone has loved them. The jersey is perfectly described in the item description and there are two huge photos. Only a complete moron would be confused.

Q: "It looks like the mark is at top of 3, is that correct? Is it a stain or a dirt mark and do you think it will come out if cleaned? Thank you" schrn4
A: You are correct. That is where the mark is. It's an odd green blotch that looks like printing ink. I don't think it'll wash out and that's why I called it a printing flaw.

Q: "Do you combine shipping on multiple auction wins?" scuttfarcuss
A: Yes I do.

Q: "Just wondering if you will leave feedback 4 me now since i did 4 u?" gpospish
A: Consider it done.

Q: "can i have the measurements of this jersey. from the back top collar to bottom and accross armpit to armpit. Thanks!" funkyfresh3
A: No.


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