Happy birthday/anniversary ryborg.0catch.com!!

By Justin Rybinski

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Well, it's been a full year. That's right, on June 23, I wrote a rant on idiotic Wheel of Fortune contestants. The following day, I created a website to post pictures of the housecats in sexual positions. That didn't pan out, so I threw together what is now ryborg.0catch.com.

I haven't updated nearly enough, and I haven't gotten around to completing major projects like my CD swapping center, but I think it's been a decent year. Perhaps soon I'll be on a real server and you won't have to deal with pop-up or banner ads.

Mad thanks go out to anyone who has ever contributed anything to this site. I'm not going to mention names for fear of leaving someone out, but you know who you are. Mad thanks go out anyone who has ever read this site and was not repulsed by the vulgar dialogue, partial nudity and adult themes. I've had over 6,000 hits this calendar year, which is not as good as sexygrannies.com, but still respectible for a site that doesn't provide any real information.

Anyways, I felt like commemerating this event with something. I wasn't sure exactly what, though. If it could be completed in less than an hour and as long as it didn't cost anything, I'd be happy. So, I did a Google image search for "birthday" and edited what I found so it relates to this website. You'll see what I mean.

This was the first one I completed. It's pretty good, though. You can't really tell where the icing ends and the text I added begins.

Next up is this one. This was the easiest picture to complete, as all I needed to do was add "ryborg.0catch.com's" to the top.

THAT PIG HAS ARMPIT HAIR!! Not only that, but why is there a pepper shaker on the table? None of the animals have the necessary thumbs required to properly hold anything here, let alone a pepper shaker.

The next one I did was this. Someone was wishing their cats a happy first birthday online, for lord knows what reason. It's even funnier if you take out the cats' names and include my website address.

Fuck Star Wars. Hamill's best role was a guest spot on The Simpsons. Yes, I am aware I say that about everyone who has ever appeared on that show. So?

This is the last image I altered and, boy, does it look sweet. Again, you can barely tell how I altered it (I'll never tell!). I should do this for a living.

I hope you enjoyed my tribute to, well, myself and my crappy website. I just realized a second ago how vain this whole idea was. Oh well. Keep reading and I'll keep writing. Probably.

One more thing...I couldn't decide if I wanted to call this a birthday or an anniversary. It's really not an anniversary at all; I just didn't want to call it a first birthday, because when you hear that, you think of babies and babies are gay. So I'm calling it both, thanks to the magic of the "slash." //////////


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