Ryborg's Story Pit: A German Halloween Party

By Justin Rybinski

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It's story time, kids! Today, we will read the story of the German Halloween Party. Since most of you don't speak German, I have translated the story for you. How nice of me. Enjoy!

German Halloween Party, By Justin Rybinski

It's Halloween party time over at Frau Hilga's pad. All the pretty German girls are sitting around, discussing the evening's plans.

Helga: Hilga, where the loving hell is the opium? You promised us opium, goddammit!

Hilga: Ohhhhhh yah, the opium. It'll be here shortly. Party on!

Other girl named Helga: Oh no! Only the magic of opium can stop these German lesbians from hitting on each other!

The opium shipment finally arrives at Hilga's pad.

Hans: I want first dibs on the opium! I have been waiting patiently for quite some time. What kind of opium house is this?

Hilga: Nooooooo. We will share the opium!

Another girl named Helga: Opium is good.

Everyone is doing opium. See how happy everyone is?

Everyone is doing opium except for this boring girl. Her name is also Hilga.

Scary Goth kid with a witch hat: Oh me oh my, I see a girl not dropping opium tablets!

Scary Goth kid with a witch hat: Try the opium, you boring girl! If you refuse, I will take over your nation!

The boring girl decides to try a small piece of opium.

Scary Goth kid with a witch hat: Yes! You will like this opium. It will bring you happy pleasures. I am a member of Kiss.

The police arrive and everyone puts their opium away except for Hilga number two and the scary Goth kid with a witch hat on.

Policeman: This is the police! Give me your opium! Submit to my will or else! I am the law!

Scary Goth kid with a witch hat: I am unhappy with the results of tonight's party.

The policeman takes the scary Goth kid with a witch hat on and Hilga number two to the police station where they are executed. The moral of the story: Don't attend German Halloween parties.


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